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A collaboration app made for businesses looking for influencers and influencers looking for businesses to promote their brand and identity.

| "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller


As a UX UI Designer, I conducted extensive research into local businesses and the influencer's community in the form of interviews, observations, market research. After we defined the main features using methodologies, I created wireframes, high-fidelity UI and the interactive prototype for usability testing. 


There are many reason people buying certain things for but influencers play a vital role in taking the brand to the right customers at right time. Experts say that "Over the last five years, brands have collaborated with social media influencers across channels to generate awareness, and influencers marketing grew from an ancillary marketing tactic to a $5-10 billion dollar industry."

Facilitating Influencers profile with the complete view of best business on offer screen for promoting and to have seamless view of potential prices and rewards with authentic user ratings was the choice of delivering this solution.


There are no restraints for promoting a brand from influencers. Anyone influencers with thousands of their listening followers can market anytime. I targeted users at the age group of 15 to 70 of both genders.


In my research, I interviewed couple of influencers by online and offline method to examine the day to day life of influencers, their competitive opportunities and identifying their needs and factors that influence valuable connections, building trustful network and type of rewards. 

I wanted answers to the questions such as:

  • What are the major challenges faced by influencers?

  • Which are the most important touch-points they looking for?

  • In which context would you use the products?

  • Who are our main competitors?

  • What and why they wanted rewards?

Below are interview key findings:


I have analysed the dashboard, profile screen, interactions between the screens of various products and found their relation to each other as mentioned below.


Taking all the research insights data together for analysis and synthesis of major challenges as node points. The major nodes were:

  • Authenticity of Business

  • Rewards in details

  • Guidelines and rules

Couple of direct guidelines from CEO - also few appreciation from him on my previous work


To way of the solution, the skeletal framework of the design was done first. After a set of rough trials, I had made the design of every screen.


Before designing the final product, I planned to do paper testing product screens with users which I thought out of the box, corners, edges, flap and behind.

Constructive Feedback:

I witnessed multiple remarks from various users -

  • Some users found there is a distraction on top in finding out the shop and its background appearance.

  • Having multiple sections making users look back and forth instead of screening.

  • I found that users trying options to view offers so they can pick after a couple of filters together.

  • Most of the participants asking for rewards and prices as it takes them a long time to figure out in the screens.

  • Needed to add colors patterns overvalues and categories.


Analyzing the user feedbacks, I have incorporated improvements in UI design with less section and differentiating the elements.



Influencers marketing are the key revolution is the hot topic nowadays bring the product, solution by them is crucial for businesses whether to get accepted by people or not. Working on this project gave me the confidence to interact, understand, analysis each and every element of the screen, ideate, create and test with user feedback within the time limit of 1 week.

I thought people adore the experience of the micro-interaction and the generification of design which I have planned to design for the business model. Hence the user will experience a professional outlook.

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