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User Research, Interaction, Visual Design, Prototyping & Testing.


HOPIN is an easy ride app in Slovakia, it allows a rider to negotiate trip and price, with friendly live area notification and safety features. Most importantly it an inexpensive solution compared to competing for ride-sharing apps in the market.


There are many competitors in carpooling solution loses the love of users, due to the myriad of reasons. Along with the competition, cost and other rushy transportation, the following factors are the reasons for the difficulties.


1. Environment-friendly

2. Safety

3. Lost in the woods - unfamiliar location

4. Traffic


1. To reduce the number of single-passenger cars on the road

2. Paring up riders with drivers

3. To help users in safe travel and know about an unfamiliar locations

4. To build an environment-friendly much of an economically friendly


Instead of overhauling the existing related apps, we will add subtle and useful features to the app.


Enabling users to negotiate the price with the driver, the live notification provided to the user on where they are located as it will take only a short time to read, accessing the emergency call most importantly at ease.



I researched the habits of people because we can fit into their life and dive deep into their emotions and behaviors.

User Interviews

To find out about your participants’ habits and motivations. I selected people aging 20-50 years old who travel and not a lot, also based on mobile frequent activity. Choosing these people will understand their pain points and day to day challenges. Framing and looking for the What, How, Where, When and Why?

Below are the interview key findings

Brain Storming

Key Quotes from users directly:

"I often asked where I'm to drivers about the locations 

"I'm scared of going in a taxi or with sharing at night, not comfortable

"I wish easy to notify someone in an emergency case, hotline!

"Some people don't adjust, I fought into some time ago.


After my research and with empathy user interview, I wanted to apply strict design principles should admit when designing. I planned to maintain a straight relationship between my interview and UI Design


To keep UI elements clear and accessible on emergency cases. The user needs to learn new patterns.

Seamless Notification

The app should provide an uninterrupted (can customize) notification services to users.

Safety First

The design should be beneficial and accessible for safety conditions.


"May 2016, An Ola driver allegedly asked a 24-year-old Belgian woman to shift to the front seat, after which he kissed her and tried to abuse her."

resource https://qz.com/india/1298182/why-ola-and-ubers-measures-for-womens-safety-is-just-not-working/


To stack up against the competition out there in the market, I wanted to find out key insights about competitors solution providings. I analyzed other ride-sharing apps in order to further fuel our own ideas and understand the business of ride-sharing apps. We took a look at Uber and Lyft.


  • Uber provides a discounted carpooling option called uberPOOL to lower the price, as well as other types of vehicles such as luxury and size

  • Drivers can now rate you as a passenger

  • Can see uber driver’s cars on the map that is nearest to the user

  • No live location notification

  • Not easy safety buttons​


  • Describes itself as budget-friendly and safe. Lyft drivers go through background checks

  • Accessible options

  • Has a fare estimate calculator

  • No live location notification

  • Not easy safety buttons​



At some point in time in ideation session when reached mass ideas reached, I call them as "Convergent Stage". To spot the potential winners or combinations of winning potential attributes from a number of ideas.

I came up with 5 concepts to solve the problem. Showed and explained it to 4 test groups to vote for the best ideas.

Post-it Voting - Markers defined the votes


I made a flow diagram to study how they will explore the features of user journey based on the accomplishment of a specific task within the app and what are all the circumstances they use in this app. 


I started designing high-fidelity prototypes by creating style guides for the user interface to this app. Finally designed the major screens of the prototypes as shown below.


Conducted user testing & cognitive walkthroughs to find out usability issues in the interface of the app. Most of the users found the application user-friendly and could easily navigate between the screens. They faced trouble in understanding get ready and your ride arrived screens as it requires movements in the map but after getting acquainted with the functions after the first time they could interact effectively.


I have devised a definite pattern and It symbolizes the various people to use this app if it fits into their lifestyle and commute.

Due to the time constraint, could only able to provide a minimum viable product. With more time, these are some features that I would like to add:

  • Add an interactive map, to show driver movements and their near arrivals.

  • To add sounds between the interactions screens and elements like payment sounds during a transaction. 

  • Conduct 5-6 more user evaluations with participants from different age group to iterate with more insights to add up the solutions to those problems.

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