Burjeel Hospital

OCT 18 / TV


As a UI Designer / Project Engineer for project implementation, customizing LINCOR application with design and development team. 


A part of VPS healthcare group headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Burjeel Hospital is Abu Dhabi’s largest private tertiary care hospital around UAE. Also, I have been working in their upcoming projects making products live of our HIT products. 


The deliverables of hardware and software setup with the application are redesigned with LINCOR designing team. Starting from wireframe to design and prototype, no additional modules had been integrated on this project like Nursing management system, kitchen management system with Medialinc. 


Client faces a variety of problem in customizing their previous Patient Entertainment Solutions in both hardware and software, in the application they wanted a minimal, legibility, consistency, non-complex User interface for patients.


User Environment


Smart TV provides a user experience that differs completely from that of other familiar devices, such as mobile devices and desktop computers. Users will experience something new while using their TVs.


The following key factors have taken into account when designing a user experience suitable for TV Applications.

1. The average distance between a TV and its viewers is 3 meters (10ft).

2. The standard remote control is fundamental TV control.

3. The TV is used by more than one person.

App Design Principles

1. Simplicity

2. Clarity

3. User Control

4. Consistency

5. Feedback

6. Aesthetic Considerations

Better User Experience

1. Focus

2. Navigation

3. Minimize Screen Transition


App Icons

We used Samsung Smart TV's of 2016 or later UI condition details.

Image Size (px) - 1920 x 1080, Image Format - 32 bit PNG RGBA (logo) and 24 bit PNG RGB (Background)

Image Size (px) - 480 x 270, Image Format - 24 bit PNG RGB (Background), < 300KB of Size.

Download the Icon files here

App Screenshots




The recommendations listed below are the basic criteria that satisfied.

  • Application icons must be 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  • A scroll indicator must be provided when a list or content items exceed one page.

  • All focusable objects are aligned in grids, not diagonally.

  • Too many font styles on the same screen or window should not be used. 

  • Your application's UI patterns are consistent with the basic UI patterns of the Samsung Smart TV to prevent user confusion. 

  • Clear interaction metaphor used to prevent user errors. 

  • Excessive motion interactions are required for users to open or control the user interface.

  • All button actions on the remote control must conform to the remote guideline.

  • Users must be able to locate selectable objects using the four navigation buttons. 

  • All playback buttons on the remote control must work properly to correctly control the playback of multimedia files.

  • Clear feedback for interactions or the TV status must be provided. 

  • The focused object must be clearly recognizable against the other objects.

  • The focus pattern or image similar or consistent within the same application. We avoid using various focus patterns. 

  • A progress indicator provided for users if a task is ongoing or if it takes a while.

  • When an error occurs, the information about why the error occurred and how to solve it should be provided.




  • Learned about Smart TV Design principles and its UX requirement and recommendations to satisfy users.

  • Took trail and error in making grid, iconography and color theory.

  • Problem space was limited in providing a variety of different interactions, menu's and add on modules into the product.

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